Tony Parsons – Humour – Pt4

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This is the first episode (part 4 of 10) of the alternative cultural review, produced by egoDEATH films.

This part:


This part focuses on the apparent humorous aspects in experiencing the nondual message of the Open Secret. There can often be a lot of laughing at the meetings. Sometimes from the sheer difficulty the mind can have when trying to calculate, figure out, what is being said. The floundering of the questioning mind itself can raise a laugh too. Or the giggles can come spontaneously from the energy of the meeting, at least seemingly so.

Some of what Tony says in this part: That there isn’t anyone to know if they live in illusion or not, that there is nothing to be known. As for freedom, the apparent person is locked in illusion/story, that illusion can never be free. No person, only freedom, being. There isn’t anything to do… there isn’t anyone to do. What happens, happens without meaning, the illusory individual is what wants this meaning.

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The has been conceived of and edited by Peter Hardy, with permission given by Tony Parsons, Conscious TV, and the Urban Guru Cafe. All other credits (end of video) and acknowledgements have been made as per the youtube (legal) regulations. egoDEATH films does not exist as a legal entity, nor as a business in any form, all work here has been done voluntarily (no money), and is posted here freely. [Creative Commons.]

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