Balchs paranoid again… Pt1

The first part of a cut-up exploration of some theme’s around William S. Burroughs, H. P. Lovecraft, and more.

“Balch’s paranoid again…”

In four parts.

==No money is made from this video==

This is an experimental short film, focusing on the cut-up method William S. Burroughs picked up from Bryion Gysin, and developed in his books, and the videos, and mixed media, collaborations he participated in. This film uses cut-up cycles, audio lap-overs, and narrative juxtapositions for both stream of consciousness and specific message purposes. So for example there are a number of different treatments of Trent Reznor, Nine Inch Nail’s, “All Time Low (Todd Rundgren Remix)” tune. My fondness for the tune still leaves me wanting to work on it again, not to say I’m not pleased with what I’ve done here. But f*ck the archduke of corruption has created his own audio-mythology that is expansive, incredibly synthesised, and rebellious enough to vouch a montage effort in a video focused on the grand-daddy of the Beat’s himself, el Hombre Invisible.

Okay, so of course this video takes from David Cronenberg’s incredible film “Naked Lunch” – working on the whole shooting of Joan Vollmer theme.

There is of course extensive use of Antony Balch’s “The Cut-Up”, along with other works I’ve put in, in fact very little of the video and audio is mine. I give full credits at the end of the video – just as egoDEATH films always seeks to do with all its videos. Am I too small an operator to have to make the effort? Perhaps. How many people do the same on youtube? Some.

Of course there is some treatment of the nondual philosophy, and though I’m only messing around with Richard Sylvester’s soundbites (they are fun), I have chosen my Mooji quotes for effect. Highlighting his prescription of practice, his putting it comparatively to reading, and so on. Who would do such a practice? For what process? Liberation? What the liberation that is all that nonduality points to? The nonduality that is just this, already?

The slightly tongue in-cheek treatment of the taboo’s that surrounded homosexuality, particularly class based, as Burrough’s spoke of himself – has been juxtaposed with the writing of H. P. Lovecraft, which I would contend does, consciously intended or not, contain homoerotic imagery.

Any constructive comments, as ever, are very welcome.


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