The Naked Detective The Chemical Agent pt1

Interested in True Detective?

The videos in this assemblage project, via William S. Burroughs, dig under the surface of what lies beneath the award winning series True Detective from HBO.

Whilst the undoubted focus of most egoDEATH film project’s lie within the realms of the nondual existential modality, here* we tread down the now oft recognised Hastur Cycle, the ever evocative “The King in Yellow” theme. Horror my friends, cosmic existential horror. This series starts with a cycling, morphing beginning, to shoot up-pace (with part 2) until what you think you know, becomes but the Pallid Mask of phenomenological understanding – for the Yellow Sign exposes the fragile status-quo of our understanding of reality. Lays bare the cosmic horror.

[*Of course there is an element of self-editing, in the sense of self-censorship, or the curtailing of ones own ability. I will put in certain scenes because I don’t think another would get onto a public streaming website, like youtube, for instance. I might, cut short a tune, or indeed mesh a tune with another, or with the audio from the video, so as to hide it, get it through the public acknowledgement process.]

Burroughs claimed that he’d never have become a writer if it hadn’t been for the guilt he suffered after Joan Vollmer, his wife’s, death — whom, yes, he had killed. Some question whether his remorse was real, a rather unkind judgement in my opinion. In a sense I wanted to balance out what I presented in “Balch’s Paranoid Again” — I felt I had focused on the misogyny issue and wanted to put a bit more out there, straighten out the deal so to speak. Unfortunately I am also following on from a project as yet unfinished, set aside, “The Light on the Citadel” — a kind of modern Lovecraftian Dream Cycle, well Dimensional Gate adventure… but I’ve had some problems with it, and though I think I know what to do, this project (“The Naked Detective The Chemical Agent”) has taken up my attention at the moment. Nevertheless, I introduce the idea, or expand on the Burroughs theme, of animated objects, particularly type-writers, computers and robots, and then what’s more the linguistic word virus… ho-hum I’ll get back to it soon(ish), what with my ideas for a Dzogchen Keith Dowman video (he’s given the thumbs up, yay!)…

[Note: It has to be a multimedia assemblage because that is the type of phenomenal reality we inhabit, like Burroughs said a cut-up of experiences, as in this is how we experience life: walk, door, newspaper headline, smoke, shoe on the floor, mark on pavement, a woman dropped a hamburger, green window sill, wind, fly flies into your mouth, spitting, look up at blue sky, smell cut grass, “I need that money!” a man screams, etc. — assemblage is a lot more REAL then people realise!]


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