The Naked Detective The Chemical Agent pt2

Interested in True Detective?

Kinda letting all that Carcosa and King in Yellow stuff just whisk over your head? Now, perhaps it won’t make things easier if I say that these themes, these themes from the Hastur Cycle, well… they’re not really meant to be understood. Not in their true ontological totality. That in fact they draw interest, they hold power, by being something only partially revealed — being that peak around the edges of the curtain, the sides of the mask, capturing your imagination because they’re hidden — no, no, that’s just not enough! It’s not enough is it? You know there’s more!

Well then what if I were to say that there is more to reveal, that there is more to reveal that even True Detective skimmed over? Hm? That there are pages of the play, as in “The King in Yellow” play, that can be read, there are scenes from the video that can be watched, but… but, no, I don’t think so… are you…? Do you really want to know? Could you really see, bare witness, … could you follow through, touch off from the horrific hints of True Detective, go out further?

What might that mean? To honestly move further in? Into Carcosa.


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