The Naked Detective The Chemical Agent pt3

The journey toward the dark stars continues.

This instalment sees a musical journey into the drug infused world of True Detective, juxtaposed with some ultra-dimensional animation, all garnered to blow your mind through the Hyades, past the U. G. cluster and right beyond any conceivable notion of identity. Undo yourself to know the unknown baby! Riddle me that and no pirate will ever talk backwards to “you” ever again. Can any of this mean anything to you? Check this video out to find out!!!

[It has to be a multimedia assemblage because that is the type of phenomenal reality we inhabit, like Burroughs said a cut-up of experiences: walk, door, newspaper headline, smoke, shoe on the floor, mark on pavement, a woman dropped a hamburger, green window sill, wind, fly flies into your mouth, spitting, look up at blue sky, smell cut grass, “I need that money!” a man screams, etc.]

Get in touch for more info, or to talk some Hastur baby!


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