The Naked Detective The Chemical Agent pt 4

Deeper, further in! This just gets better!

egoDEATH films
“expressing the inexpressible”

from the body without organs series


Going deeper into the theme of “True Detective’s” juxtaposition with the work of William Burroughs – in this episodes case continuing the theme of: the alien, the other, embedded within our day to day reality. From what your kitchen looks like, to A.I., to what the horrible/beautiful “The King in Yellow” play is – as an idea in peoples heads,  a text in their hands.

Also included: Grant Morrisons’ “The Invisibles” with his immortal characters King Mob and Ragged Robin being transported to an alien location, with the appearance of Barbelith.

Then a look at the Fontenot girl in “True Detective” through the dark yellow glasses of the Hastur Mythos, asking what led her to make those Devil Nets, what led her into the arms of the King in Yellow? Going further by looking into what he is know as around the world, what he represents to the cultures of the worlds “East” and so on.

As ever I’m happy to hear your thoughts and comments about this part, as all videos whether in “The Body Without Organs Series”, or any of the egoDEATH films.

Check it out!


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