The Naked Detective The Chemical Agent pt5

Tone, song, rhythm and rhyme.

egoDEATH films continues with its exploration of the Carcosan links of True Detective. The symbolist style of The King in Yellow, embedded in a medieval decadence – is humourously juxtaposed with a Pink Panther animation set in those Robin-Hood-of-times. I have then focused on some key dialogue of Rusty Cole, that I firmly connect to what I consider to be him receiving the Yellow Sign. His time as an undercover narc, losing his daughter, his wife leaving. The narrative sense of this, is in true Robert W. Chambers fashion, quite uncanny.

The decadent oeuvre, going back to the 19th century and beyond, had of course dipped its toes into pagan pasts, including of course Roman, and I personally look forward to the day when I get hold of, and have the time, to read Dedalus’ book on Roman Decadence. For now my background reading includes what that excellent publisher Dedalus did for English decadence. The link here being to Greek astrology and mythology, why couldn’t Hastur be seen as a Titan? The Old Ones the same?

I make an attempt at Dora Lange’s diary, I hope you find something in it. Before moving on to more contemporary and urban shamanic rites of passage, in Grant Morrison’s Magnum Opus “The Invisibles”. Morrison together with Alan Moore and Dave Sim, remain the three greats of comic writing, biological vehicles for sheer narrative genius no less. With the likes of “Neonomicon” and “Cerebus”. (Plus I’ll mention Moore’s “The Unearthing” an audio recording that is something truly incredible. A biographic piece with a south london focus, a true magical invocation of that non-physical monster that is language.)

But yes in this video “The Invisibles” serves as a contemporary journey, with a post-modern sensibility, through that dynamic of psychedelic intoxication and “The Other”. A theme that hasn’t disappeared out of public interest, nor my own.

We finish with, well you’ll have to see…


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