“Shits en Giggles” pt1

egoDEATH films have been tackling some big topics, heavy topics and some damn right bad ass ones – time to sit back and have a laugh. This time in collaboration with Toyah Mitchell 😀

copy(free) June 2015 [Full acknowledgements made and credits at the end of part 2.]

The assemblage continues, mixing in: Family Guy, Twin Peaks (excited to hear new series on the way), Marilyn Manson, The Knick, Bible Black, The Cunt of Cthulhu, Tori Amos, 2 Days in New York, Keith Dowman (I recommend his excellent translations of Tibetan Buddhist/Dzogchen texts keithdowman.net), Samurai Champloo, Game of Thrones, Cuckoo (lol!), Toast of London (HAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love it!).

Though I gotta say, cos of annoying youtube restrictions, or rather Channel 4 and Marilyn Manson’s agents: I’ve had to really distort the Misfits video and “The Dope Show” tune, to fit into the rigid acceptable copyright agenda we face today. If anyone would like to see the original, send egoDEATH Films their e-mail and I can send you a drop-box link.

As always, happy to hear constructive comments – keep it real y’all! 😀


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