The Light on the Citadel pt2 egoDEATH films [Lovecraftian Journey]

egoDEATH films presents a Lovecraftian Journey [pt 2]

Dr Crawford continues his journey through space and time, witnessing the rise of R’lyeh!

The scientist Dr Raoul Crawford, using the X-X Resonator device has opened a portal to another world, another dimension. Through which he travels to Innsmouth of old, the cliffs edge over Pointed Beach, where far out at sea he spies a retreating sail — yet too swift night closes in and gloom sinks on dark lanes as lightless as the tomb.

Meeting Captain Legrasse, the doctor is invited to board his flying ship, but soon finds out the ship is a vessel that can travel through both space and time. Of all places they travel to a certain spot over the Pacific Ocean in 1924, where they witness the rise of the tangible substance of Earths supreme terror — the nightmare corpse city of R’lyeh!

From up in the skies, aboard the flying ship, the doctor amongst the passengers and crew is able to watch the horrific spectacle of Cthulhu rising from his centuries long slumber. Watch on if you dare, for there are secrets which even torture cannot extract, for mankind is not absolutely alone amongst the conscious things on the Earth.

In his house in R’lyeh dead Cthulhu waits dreaming no more!


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