The Light on the Citadel pt4 [Lovecraftian Journey]

An assemblage video of Dr Raoul Crawford’s Lovecraftian journey through space and time. This is part 4.

This series of videos follows the scientist, creator of a portal into another world, a dimensional anomaly — yet he is haunted by a number of unseen beings with bizarre and incomprehensible intentions. Among the things the doctor witnesses over the series is the emergence of R’lyeh from it’s watery grave.

This part continues as Dr Crawford watches the sailors explore R’lyeh, and awaken Cthulhu!


2 thoughts on “The Light on the Citadel pt4 [Lovecraftian Journey]

  1. Great work Pete. Loved the use of the opening landscape from Faust (always gives me a kind of Mountains of Madness vibe).. Also love the Cherry Poppin Daddies riff, takes me back 🙂

    • Nice one fella — that opening to Faust has so much blossoming out of it, it’s incredible how a viewer can take a real Great Old One feel out of so many films, or even a anti-natalist feel from a film or video. Take the new “The Assassin” the mood and feel gets that for me without a sense of gloom, rather a sense of reality and space. Cheers Nik

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