The Chronicles of Conan the Barbarian of Cimmeria – “The Shadow of the Desert” pt3

Saved by his companions, Conan is free of the Tree of Woe, but falls into a deep coma. His lover Valeria asks The Wizard to call on the gods help to save him, so inscribed with sacred runes Conan is wrapped up and prayed for.

part 3 (final part)

This is not all, however, for the evil Serpent Sorcerer summons a foul parasite from the northern realms of Hyperboria, a cold creature, that lives in hosts, controlling them, spreading foul pestilence and corruption. So in the waking world Conan’s body is attacked by spirits of the desert, however within his mind Conan is on the run from a shuffling form, the host of a foul parasite, a creeping doom beyond your imagining!

Watch this the last part of egoDEATH films chronicle of Conan to find out what happens!

[Credits for all 3 parts can be found just before the end of this video.]


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