Dzogchen And Nonduality pt1

These videos are not teachings in the traditional sense…

egoDEATH films presents…

the next alternative culture review (

As an assemblage expression – as video, as art, they attempt a different form of audio-visual communication. To get across what reading a book might not, not because one way is better than another, but to explore different ways of expressing the nondual, the ineffable.

To go through all the parts of these videos, there may be a finding of something unexpected, something “you” never contrived, imagined before. Take a look. Listen. Or not… is there a decision? Is there a decider?

It’s said Buddha Shakyamuni said:
“The deeds are, but no doer of the deeds is there,
Nirvana is, but not the person that enters it.”

Thank you Keith Dowman for giving me access to your audio recordings of your teachings, for giving me permission to use them. Thank you John Sut Richardson for your help.


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