Dzogchen And Nonduality pt6

This sixth part to the series on natural perfection, continues energetically where the last part left off, moving on from those elements of desire, karmic comparison, etc. to a phenomenological conclusion in an audio-video artistic format.

The comparison goes beyond mudras and chanting, to sexuality, fear, physical prowess – elevating it to the dharmadhatu (spaciousness) plane, at least through contemporary artistic expression. So it is in this case, through for example the transcendent comics of “Final Crisis”, with it’s portrayal of Buddha like beings, looking like sci-fi thangka images.

Furthermore, psychedelic intoxication here represents something of the disconnect between the physical ground and the transcendental view. The same might be said of video of sexual abandonment, leading to dream, reverie. The body is thus. The mind… off with fayrie…

There is a natural resolution of all such phenomena, the gnostic crux of the phenomena, in the natural perfection of the nature of mind.

All constructive comments welcome. If you are interested in collaborating please get in contact:


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