“Unseen Death Scene” – Sky High Diamonds

An exposition of the flesh eaters, this video recounts the tale told by the dwellers of the desert, relating the story of a householder of Bussorah who made a pact with a ghoul. As the dread Necronomicon recounts, this ghoul, named in his own language G’nar’ka, asked the man to murder eight strangers on successive nights, providing the ghoul with their corpses, in return the man’s beloved wife would remain unmolested in her grave.

egoDEATH films, inspired by the dark ambient and experimental tunes of Sky High Diamonds, had been asked to make a film from the ‘Helioglobe” collection. The tune “Unseen Death Scene” was chosen, and with it the tale of the unfortunate Doc Noureddin Phoenix and the ghoul G’nar’ka, has been woven.

For more information about Sky High Diamonds, have a look at https://skyhighdiamonds.wordpress.com/

“The ghouls of the desert are smaller of body than those who lurk at the outskirts of cities, near burial places. Lack of food & the harshness of the land stunt their growth & render them wizened of limb yet tenacious of life, enabling them to endure hardships that would kill their brethren who dwell near the places of people. In spite of these differences they are a single race, sharing the same language & even the same folklore.”

~ “Necronomicon – The Wanderings of Alhazred”
translated by Donald Tyson (2004)


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