U.G. Krishnamurti pt3 Fantastical U.G. Cataclysmic

We move on with part 3 of egoDEATH films’ series of artistic assemblage videos inspired by U.G. Krishnamurti – the anti-guru! The non-sage, etc. etc.

So what have we here, can we juxtapose Samuel Beckett with U.G.? Oh I think we can, but then also, no we cannot. And what’s with Underworld, why is that Hollywood film in there? Is U.G. vampyre or of the werewolves? Absurd. And what could U.G. possibly have to do with the “Darker Than Black” anime, or the other way round? Is U.G. a contractor?? Do you even know what a contractor is???

To be honest just watch it, you may however become fantastically bemused about what U.G. has to say about the death process, coming back from death and how yoga has got it the wrong way round!!!

As ever absurd comments welcome…


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