U.G. Krishnamurti pt4 U.G. vs Stormtroopers

We get a lot of requests here at egoDEATH films. Sacks of letters, believe it or not. Such little beauties too, it must be the egoDEATH decadent aesthetic, as in the meaning why you make your letters so elegant…

…and yet there’s more to it than that. It’s a simple thing really. You. Yes you, don’t shy away now. Come back, come back. Okay, okay, settle down now. Would you like some tea to calm your nerves? Or perhaps something a little, more direct my dear friend, how about some Afghan Kush? Yes? Yes. Okay well… MINA! MINA! YES THE BONG MINA! A lovely girl really, but her head is always off with the devil cherubim. For our guest Mina, yes, our dear reader. Now sit back my friend, I have here something to cater to the- A LIGHTER MINA! Sorry, soooo sorry, yes, yes, light it- that’s right inhale in deep- mmm, I can see you like that… Now if I may be permitted to introduce the show for tonight. Here you will find, well we’ve decided to cater to the strangest of you out there, WHAT WE HAVE FOR YOU TONIGHT:

A face-off between Stormtroopers and U.G. Krishnamurti, my big buddies, you!

That’s right you wanted it, we’ve given it to you. So here we go, press that play button, enjoy the show, we’ve got a great one for you tonight. U.G. the anti-guru, f-ing this! Blindin’ that! Well he’s gonna be fending off against the Galactic Empire. How about that? HUH! Yes Jim settle down now, you’ll spill your pilsner mate, NOW CALM DOWN!

Ladies and gentlecreams…

Enjoy you crazy kittens! 😉


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