U.G. Krishnamurti pt5 “Well it’s interesting you should say that…”

More U.G. if you would care for any…

Do you like Looney Tunes?

I trust that everyone is sitting comfortably -what?- you prefer to stand with your finger on the stop button feet ready to run? Okay sure, if thatsawhatyouprefer 🙂

So every now and then, not to often tho, I wonder – does anyone know what the fuck I am doing with these videos? I mean fuck! Then life moves on, but still I just want you to know that I sympathise okay? 😉

The first audio sample is actually Hitchcock himself so check it! Tam-alam-fram-bam-damn-ham-no-i-have-not-forgotten-them-driiiiiinnnnnngggggg!

So enjoy another cut-through video assemblage of audio enhanced alpha-purity travelling through the gnostic crucible at say, I dunno 1 thousandth of light speed? Maybe a million slower than that? Anyone know the answer please send us a stamped addressed envelope yeah?


Cartoon Networks has not given permission for use of one of their earliest – EVER! -Bugs Bunny videos from back in the nineteen fuckin’ forties! Sorry you Cartoon peeps, bless Looney Tunes! Perhaps. No practice yeah 😉

“Well it’s interesting you should say that…”

The paintings are amazing aren’t they” It’s Henri Fuseli, loved by H.P. Lovecraft and others.


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