UG Krishnamurti pt7 “UG & Kusuma”

U.G. had said, “I awoke the morning after my wedding night & new without doubt that I had made the biggest mistake of my life.”

What can be said about UG’s ill-fated marriage to Kusuma Kumari? Well quite a lot it would seem, and so that’s what this episode of the egoDEATH films series on UG is about: UG & Kusuma. What happens when the anti-guru, to become, is in a marriage and has kids? Plus how did Kusuma feel about it all? With little general commentary on UG including his marriage, it’s possible to think she was of little consequence to UG, perhaps ultimately this is true in terms of what he thought of her, though here it is suggested that she had a pivotal role in his life; that she did have a relationship with UG and whilst much has been said about Valentine, a lot can yet be said about Kusuma — unfairly treated, unjustly ignored.

Constructive feedback and comments always appreciated.


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